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♦ 08-15-19 ♦
Today: SW 5-10 increasing 10-15
2-4 ft
Friday: : SW 10-15
3-4 ft
Sat: SW 10-15
3-4 ft
Sun: S 5-10
2-3 ft

Mon: S 10-15
2-4 ft.
♦ 08-15-19
HIGH:   8:26 AM
             8:52 PM
  LOW :  2:35 AM
              2:29 PM

 ♦ 08-16-19
HIGH:  9:08 AM
               9:31 PM   

LOW: 3:10 AM
          3:08 PM





Fishing around the Crystal Coast has been doing pretty good lately.  We have been having some light winds that has been allowing anglers to cover more of the ocean to check out the fishing.  There are still plenty of Spanish mackerel around and bluefish.  The Cape Lookout shoals is a good place to start looking for both of these species.  For some of the larger Spanish I would check out some of the artificial reefs.  They have been holding some nice size Spanish.  The king mackerel bite continues to be pretty good as well.  Offshore and on the eastside of the Cape Lookout shoals in and around 60 feet of water is a good place to look for the kings.  We are starting to see a scattering of false albacore starting to make a showing.  Hopefully this will continue and we will have a great fall for these hard fighting fish.  Offshore the wahoo bite continues mixed with a few dolphin still and a few sailfish and white marlin.  The offshore bottom fishing has been very good as well.  The Pamlico Sound is starting to heat up for the old drum and will continue through the first of October.


Henry and Jack with nice redfish caught while fishing with Capt. Ken Kramer
5-15-18 Trip with CJ. Caught his largest cobia sight fishing today.
5-2-18 Amy Dahm with her biggest bluefish
Davew O'Connell with fat albie caught with bait ball under the boat.
one of 17 yesterday
Yesterday was the first of 3 days fishing with Hugh Levin. Excellent fishing yesterday.
Ben Scoggins caught a 8 lb albie on his first cast and this 15 lber on his second cast.
Geoff durst, Mike and Matt Beckett with one of 11 triples
Oleta Webb and Jim Vogal Project Healing Waters
Carmen Lane with her first albacore for Project Healing Waters
Oooops! The man in the brown suit won this one!
Joint effort after broken rod. One reeled one held the rod!
10-12-17 Ted Napierkowski with his first albie of the day
10-12-17 Stan Napierkowsi with first albie of the day
9-21-17 Bob Baldwin with his first old drum 47"
04-11-17 Plendy of large 10 to 15 lb bluefish around for light tackle and fly.
Nice striped Marlin on fly. Unfortuantely chafed off after 10 minutes
20 lb albacore 11-12-16
Nice Tiger shark caught by Carl Setzer Thursday at Cape Lookout!