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Fishing aling the beaches for bluefin tuna has been very slow this week.  The winds were howling the farst 4 days and the water is dirty.  But there have still been bluefin tuna still caught every day, even though some may have been shorts.  It looks lkie the next 4 or 5 days are going to be excellent for fishing for the bluefins.  With winds from 5 - 10 knots and 2-3 ft seas.tuna.  Hopefully by later today we will get a good report on what has bbeen caught this morning.  The speckled trout fishing had been  doing well both back in the marshes as well as along the beaches and out around the Cape Lokout rock jetty. We will have to see how long it takes the dirty water to clear up, but I would say by Monday the trout fishing should be picking up again.  There have been good catches of sea mullet and gray trout in the shipping channel and along Shackleford Banks.  The red drum fishing is still continuing  as well.
♦ 12-19-14 ♦
Today :  N 5-10
2-3 ft
Sat: NE 10-15
Sun: NE 10-15
Mon:. S 10-15 becoming W 5-10
2-3 ft
Tues:  W 5-10 becoming S 10-15
3-5 ft..
♦ 12-19-14
HIGH: 4:24 AM
          4:36 PM
LOW: 10:51 AM
          10:34 PM
 ♦ 12-20-14
HIGH:  5:10 AM
           5:24 PM
LOW: 11:38 AM
         11:21 PM