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Capt. Joe Shute
Capt Joe has been navigating these waters ever since 1985, allowing him to provide a great fishing experience for you and your crew. Retiring from over 21 yrs as a retail bait and tackle owner, Capt Joe continues to run his fly fishing store (since 1996), his charter boat guide service (since 1987), and manufactures offshore sportfishing lures. Check out the links we have below for more information.  




The weather has definately warmed up and the fishing and water temperatures are both heating up  We have still been experiencing a good amount of wind that has hindered fishng, but those that have been able to make it offshore have been doing very well on the wahoo, dolphin are starting to show up in larger numbers and the blackfin tuna bite is very good right now.  Inshore the Atlantic Bonito are starting to show up alsong with ploenty of bluefish.  I am jsut waiting to hear about the cobia.  Our water temperatures are now from 64 to 66 degrees on the surf and that is when the cobia should start to show up.  Hopefuly we will hear of a few caught this coming week.
Joe Shute on11-11-15 with 34" albie around 18 lbs
Capt. Warren "Birthday Boy" Marshall 11-11-15 with one of many nice albie
Nice Tiger shark caught by Carl Setzer Thursday at Cape Lookout!
 It was a very nice day today.  Fished with the Milgrams today and managed to catch a small cobia that will make for great cobia bites!
♦ 05-05-16 ♦
Today: E 5-10 becoming W10-15
2-4 ft.
Frdiay: W 10-15
2-4 ft
Sat:  W 5-10
2-3 ft
Sun: SW 10-15
2-4 ft. 
Mon: SW 5-10
2-4 ft.
♦ 05-05-16
HIGH:  6:13 AM
          6:44 PM
LOW: 12:11AM
           12:18 PM
 ♦ 05-06-16
HIGH: 7:06 AM
          7:36 PM 
LOW: 1:07 AM
          1:08 PM