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Bluefin tuna fishing his starting to pick back up again.  There were 3 bluefin taken yesterday  with 2 of them being 106" that cored out 627 lb. and a 109" fish that cored out at 555 lb. with a third fish being 292 lb.  Looks like the weather is going to be very good for the next few days.  Hopefully the fishing will continue to pick up.  Earlier this week we were looking to see what happend to the speckled trout with this last extreme cold snap we had.  It looks like now there were very few fish that were effected by the cold weather.  Looks like we got lucky this time and hope we don't have any more cold events this season.
Nice striped Marlin on fly. Unfortuantely chafed off after 10 minutes
20 lb albacore 11-12-16
Frank Latta charter with nice catch of speckled trout 9-30-16
Billy Redinger and son with nice blacktip sharks today on fly.
Jeff's fishing buddy Brad with one of many AJ's on spinning gear.
Capt. Warren "Birthday Boy" Marshall 11-11-15 with one of many nice albie
Nice Tiger shark caught by Carl Setzer Thursday at Cape Lookout!
 It was a very nice day today.  Fished with the Milgrams today and managed to catch a small cobia that will make for great cobia bites!
♦ 01-12-17 ♦
Today: SW 10
3-4 ft.
Friday: W 5-10
3-5 ft
Sat:  NE 15-20 becoming N 10-15
3-5 ft
Sun: NE 5-10
2-3 ft.
Mon:  NE 5-10
2-3 ft.
♦ 01-12-17
HIGH: 6:30 AM
          6:51 PM
LOW:  ------- AM
          12:57 PM
 ♦ 01-13-17
HIGH:  7:20 AM
           7:42 PM
LOW: 12:50 AM
         1:46 PM