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Well even with the high winds that we have had for the last 4 or 5 days the fishing has still been pretty good.  There have been plenty of the larger Spanish Mackerel in the 4 to 6 lb range caught all the way up until yesterday, and they shoul show back up when the winds calm down some.  Yesterday the winds were blowing 20 knots but we were still able to make it up the river and catch some very nice red drum from 24 to 30 inches yesterday.  The water was very dirty so we had to use natural bait, but it worked quite well.  The false albacore should be showing up once again later this week when the winds lighten up.  There is still a huge amount of bait in the ocean.  When the winds let the boats go offshore the wahoo fishing is still very good.
Jim Bengala with 24 lb king mackerel
♦ 09-23-14 ♦
Today : NE 15-20 increasing 20-25
4-6 ft
Wed :E 15-20 diminishing 10-15
4-6 ft.
Thurs.: SE 5 becoming SW
2-3 ft.
Friday: NE 5-10
2-4 ft
Sat.  NE 5-10
2-4 ft.
♦ 09-23-14 ♦
HIGH: 7:03 AM
          7:21 PM
LOW:  12:56 AM
           1:12 PM
♦ 09-24-14 ♦
HIGH: 7:38 AM
         7:5 PM
LOW: 1:28 AM
         1:49 PM