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Capt. Joe Shute
Capt Joe has been navigating these waters ever since 1985, allowing him to provide a great fishing experience for you and your crew. Retiring from over 21 yrs as a retail bait and tackle owner, Capt Joe continues to run his fly fishing store (since 1996), his charter boat guide service (since 1987), and manufactures offshore sportfishing lures. Check out the links we have below for more information.  



The fishing just continues to get better.  There was all the large Spanish mackerel and false albacore that you could cast a lure to this morning out around Cape Lookout area.  Went fun fishing this morning with a friend and got into all the fish we needed. Bait balls of anchovies were everywhere.  There were very large Spanish and albacore along with plenty of sharks mixed in.  We were Fly fishing caught all we wanted in the first hour or so and came back to the store.  Yesterday there were big schools of old red drum on and along the Cape shoals.  That was what I was looking for this morning but didn't see any before I had to return to the shop.  A little bit farther the king mackerel fishing is on fire as well.  Kings have been caught along the beach as well as the near shore wrecks and reefs just off the beach. Farther out the wahoo bite is still gong very strong.  Plenty of wahoo from 30 to 70 lbs are being caught pulling ballyhoo as well as high speed trolling.
♦ 10-18-14 ♦
Today : W 10-15
4-6 ft
Sun: N 15-20
4-6 ft.
Mon.: NE 5-10 becoming SE
2-3 ft.
 Tues: W 10-15
2-4 ft
Wed. NW 15-20
2-3 ft.
♦ 10-18-14 ♦
HIGH: 3:45 AM
         4:06 AM
LOW:  9:49 AM
           10:23 PM
♦ 10-19-14 ♦
HIGH:   4:33 AM
           4:51 PM
LOW: 10:40 AM
         11:02 PM